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Use the table below to select your favorite shows using the “Show” filter where it says “Choose a value”. To add multiple shows to your list simply select “Choose a value” again and select another show. Now you can see which streaming services carry your favorite shows – all in one spot. Make sure to pay attention to the “Season” column as some streaming services may not carry current episodes.

This site has no affiliation with any of the companies listed below. This site is intended to be used for reference only. For up to date availability and schedules, please visit the respective streaming service's website via our LINKS page. 

*Netflix information reflects the streaming side of their business only – selection may be different if using their DVD option. Information is based on streaming within the U.S.


Where Can You Stream All Your Favorite TV Shows?

Use this tool to compare Streaming Services (Hulu, Netflix, etc)


So you want to cut your cable or satellite service but you're not sure how to watch all your favorite TV shows. Over-the-Air antennas will get you live TV from the main broadcast networks but what about everything else? What if you want to watch your shows On Demand? That's where Streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and others come into play. However, for most people there is no single streaming service that carries all your favorites. It can be very frustrating and time consuming to sort through all the streaming options available. That's why I created this help you figure out which services to choose. I have compiled a list of the more popular TV shows so you can see who offers what. Keep in mind this is just a sample of what is offered by each of the streaming services.